PDS ration in Andhra Pradesh

PDS rationing in districts of Andhra Pradesh can be an illustrative example of using modern technology to prevent retail corruption. Ration cards and corresponding bank accounts of the heads of families (HoF) have been linked with Aadhaar Numbers of family members.

When a beneficiary buys rations from a PDS shop, their eligibility is authenticated through an Aadhaar KYC handheld device. The PDS computer system reads out the quantity eligibility and balance of each item in the local language. After purchase, the balance quantities for that month are read out. The buyer pays the open market rate to the PDS shop. A computer prints a receipt showing all items purchased, balance items, money paid and subsidy amount. The subsidy amount is credited to the beneficiary’s bank account under the DBT program.Because the PDS computer system is connected to a central server, beneficiaries can buy ration items from any PDS shop. The system is flexible and provides access and options to the public that was not seen before in PDS. up ration cards

Once all PDS shops in the state are linked to Aadhaar-enabled central server, beneficiaries can buy their rations anywhere in the state without changing their ration card, which will benefit migrant workers in the state.Similarly, subsidized LPG is linked with the Aadhaar Number and delivery is made at market rate. The subsidy amount is credited as DBT to the eligible beneficiary. Leakage and diversions of subsidized commodities provide no benefit to middlemen and retail corruption comes to a halt. sattamatkachart.in

Updated: April 12, 2020 — 6:04 am