How to Make Waterproof Matches for Outdoor & Camping

Caping is a nightmare on a rainy day, especially when you want to lit up the fire. It is not sufficient to take care of your tent and clothes being saturated –it makes starting a fire almost impossible if you are not taking waterproof matches. You may purchase them pretty much everywhere that sells camping equipment, but if you’ve got regular games and a candle in your home, they are just as easy to create yourself.

How to Make Waterproof Matches for Outdoors and Camping

You can use any of these methods to build your own waterproof or stormproof matches

waterproof matches for camping and outdoors


Nail Polish to Make Waterproof Matches

Probably the simplest way to waterproof matches would be to simply paint strike-anywhere matches using fingernail polish. The nail polish keeps moisture out but still lets the matches to attack just like regular so long as you steer clear of glittery polishes.

Use Candle or Wax

If you do not have a bottle of nail polish lying about, wax works as well. A candle (a tea light) will operate, or you could melt down a block of paraffin wax in case you’ve got it.

The easiest approach is to melt down some candle wax and then dip the game heads inside. Blow the wax to dry it as fast as possible so that it will not soak in the game heads. When it dries, all you need to do is scrape the wax off and the matches must attack exactly like regular ones.


If you are considering using your games straight away, wax or fingernail polish is much more than adequate, but some people today assert that both degrade over time when the games need to be kept for a little while before use. Brian Green likes to dip in shellac instead because it holds up better if the matches are not likely to be utilized immediately.


Ou may make games into all-round fire starters if you have got a bit more time in your hands. Wrap a piece of yarn around each game, then dip it many times in candle or wax to develop a thick coating. The yarn and wax will function as an accelerant to help get your fire going, and will burn for approximately 5 minutes per day.


More Options to Start Fire on a Camping Trip

If making fire-starter watertight matches seems like a lot of work, it is simple to try among the other 3 approaches and create some distinct tinder. Among the simplest ways would be to soak old wine corks in alcohol and take them with you.

You may also create DIY char fabric, which just needs a spark from stones or a DIY flame piston to begin. In case you’ve got your vehicle nearby, it is possible to start a flame with your vehicle battery, or you’ll be able to go all old school with a few hand-drilling and bowing techniques.


Stormproof or waterproof matches are lifesavers on a rainy or stormy day. You can build your own waterproof matches at home or you can find some of the best here at SportsNotch


Updated: June 13, 2020 — 3:49 pm