Why Would You Choose a Masticating Juicer Instead of a Centrifugal Juicer?

A natural diet and a natural lifestyle work pretty well for the health of an individual. With a natural diet, the person remains healthier, stronger and leads a better quality lifestyle. Therefore, fruits and fruit juices are an integral part of today’s lifestyle and diet. However, the nutrients and the quality of resources that you get from a particular fruit juice depends on various factors, right from the quality of fruit that was used to the type of juicer that was used to extract the juice.

When it comes to juicers, there are two types of juices – the masticating juicer and the centrifugal juicer. Both these juicers cater to different needs and lifestyles. Here are some of the reasons why you would choose a masticating juicer instead of a centrifugal juicer.

The Masticating Juicer Provides Better Quality Juices compared to Centrifugal Juicers while also being easy to clean

Centrifugal juicers are perhaps the most common type of juicers that are used. These juicers have a bowl type device that moves on the center axis. Because of the spinning motion, the centrifugal force is created, which separates the juice from the produce. The centrifugal juicers have to work at high speed, which also creates a lot of noise. Also, because of the incessant speed, it is possible that the basic cellular structure of the fruit or food grain is changed, which would not allow the right amount and best quality of juice to be extracted. Another aspect to keep in mind is that the heat that is generated during the juice extracting process can have serious ramifications on the quality of the juice.

A masticating juicer is based on the principle of slow juice extraction by crushing the fruit or the vegetable. The extracted juice maintains its nutrients while also being healthy. to achieve this the masticating juicer usually can be single geared or twin geared.

Centrifugal Juices Are Messier to Clean

Though centrifugal juicers are the more commonly found in homes, they are a mess to clean. In some cases, the produce actually sticks to the bowl and cannot be removed, or can be removed after some scrubbing the bowl clean – which is not something that one would do every day. This leads to a situation where the user is actually using unhygienic methods to juice a fruit or a food grain.

Masticating juicers are usually designed to eject the waste after juicing without making a mess. Most of them come with minimum pieces that do not have tiny holes that can be a pain to clean. Assembly or disassembly is also easy with a few masticating juicer brands that have an elegant design.

Centrifugal Juicers are Noisier

The base concept of a centrifugal juicer is speed. Basically, the produce is spun so hard and so fast that the juice is separated from the produce. Since noise and speed go hand in hand with mechanical devices, the centrifugal juicer also ends up being much noisier than the masticating juicer. If you do not like a shrill cacophony in your kitchen every time you want some juice, you would be better off with the masticating juicer.

In comparison to a masticating juicer, the centrifugal juicer is messier to clean, does not provide a higher quality juice and is noisier than a masticating juicer. Of course, a masticating juicer may be a tad bit costlier than a centrifugal juicer, but the masticating juicer is worth its cost due to the advantages, features, and satisfaction that it provides.

Updated: May 7, 2020 — 11:48 pm